Vibrant and luxurious hooded towels, designed for children of up to 7 years old. Personalizable with your child's first name.

Made by Brodali in Gatineau, Quebec.

  • Towel Pirate - Towel $39.95: bain bath towel hooded towel pirate serviette
    Towel Pirate $39.95CAD
  • Superhero Towel - Towel $39.95: hero serviette serviette ÌÎÌ_ capuchon super-hero superhero
    Superhero Towel $39.95CAD
  • Princess Towel - serviette princesse
    Princess Towel $39.95CAD
  • Mermaid Towel - serviette sirene
    Mermaid Towel $40.00CAD $39.95CAD SALE
  • Towel Monster - Towel $39.95: bain bath towel capuchon hooded towel monstre
    Towel Monster $39.95CAD