Stuffed moose embroidered - toutou orignal brodé
Stuffed moose personalized - peluche orignal personnalisé
Stuffed moose custom - peluche chevreuil personnalisé
teddy deer custom - toutou orignal chevreuil
Montreal the Moose
teddy bear moose - peluche orignal toutou
moose orignal stuffed toutou

Montreal the Moose

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This Canadian friend is a big fan of maple syrup! Let him tell you folk stories and cuddle to his soft fur that will remind you of the frosted forests where he comes from. His baby antlers are perfect for little hands that will want to carry him everywhere for new adventures.

He is also available in jumbo and backpack.

- Measures 12 inches / 30cm sitting.
- The embroidery templates can be modified, simply mention it in the text box. 
- Don't forget to approve the design proof that will be sent by email 2-3 business days after ordering. 
- No accessory (bows, bow tie, etc) included. Shipping and embroidery included. 
- Very easily washable.

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