Get the best of both worlds with our new bundles! It's the perfect gift for the baby. Immortalize the birth stats on the stuffie and let the baby bring the blanket everywhere. A bundle full of love and cuddles.
  • Duo - lapin gris - bundle - grey bunny cubbies brodali
    Hoppy bunnies $85.00CAD $72.95CAD SALE
  • Monkeying around
    Monkeying around Out of stock SALE
  • Floral Garden
    Floral Garden Out of stock SALE
  • Boys will be boys
    Boys will be boys Out of stock SALE
  • Duo - licornes blanches - bundle - white unicorns - cubbies brodali
    Cup of tea in white $85.00CAD $72.95CAD SALE
  • Pyjama Party!
    Pyjama Party! Out of stock SALE
  • Cup of tea in pink
    Cup of tea in pink $85.00CAD $72.95CAD SALE
  • Forrest Bundle
    Forrest Bundle Out of stock SALE
  • Giraffe and jungle blanket - girafe et couverture jungle
    Safari in Africa $100.00CAD $86.95CAD SALE
  • Sweet dreams in white
    Sweet dreams in white Out of stock SALE
  • stuffed-lamb-lovey-toutou-doudou-moutons
    Knit Kit $85.00CAD $72.95CAD SALE
  • Ensemble lama alpaca couverture peluche personnalisé
    Llama Attitude Out of stock SALE
  • white-bunny-flowers-blanket-couverture-fleurs-lapin-blanc
    Wonderful Bundle Out of stock SALE
  • Pink unicorn with blanket - licorne rose et couverture
    Sweet dreams in pink Out of stock SALE
  • Clever Bundle
    Clever Bundle Out of stock SALE
  • Littles monkeys in the bed
    Littles monkeys in the bed $85.00CAD $73.00CAD SALE
  • Big Adventures
    Big Adventures $149.90CAD $134.95CAD SALE
  • bundle - fox - blanket - jumbo - couverture - renard
    Follow Your Dreams $149.90CAD $134.95CAD SALE